Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hinge

When hanging your door, a high quality and durable hinge is the key to a secure and stable opening.  While some hinges may rust and deteriorate, Design Hardware’s Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hinge is your answer for durability, strength, and resiliency. 

Made from ANSI Grade 316 stainless steel, Design Hardware’s Marine Grade Hinge is rust resistant and strong enough for even the heaviest doors.  Perfect for wet environments and humid climates, the Marine Grade Hinge and its full stainless steel build will avoid pitting corrosion which can cause small holes in the metal.  This pitting corrosion can weaken and destroy a hinge, making your opening unstable and unsafe. 

The Marine Grade Hinge is also applicable in high salinity or oceanic areas where the ocean can act as a catalyst to the rusting process.  Simply put, if your need is a high quality, durable hinge with a rust resistant composition, Design Hardware’s Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hinge is the answer.  Once again Design Hardware is blending innovation with quality. 

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